First Aid Centre of Sweden is a knowledge-based company, and we aim to share this knowledge with companies in Bangladesh. We hope that you will join us in our aim to save lives. Not only are we able to help you with a complete solution of first aid and CPR training, we may also provide you with the adequate equipment for your company. We always make sure to keep a close dialogue with our clients - in order to ensure a high quality experience with both products and services that are specifically adapted for you and your employees.

The UTE-concept

In order to achieve our mission for all people to get the right help in case of an accident or acute illness, we have developed the UTE program. The program aims to train and educate employees at companies in Bangladesh in order to create a safer work environment with fewer accidents.

The UTE program is based on three important steps:

1. Understanding

Understanding the concepts: risk, vulnerability and preparedness. The participants learn to identify existing risks in the work environment and establish routines to prevent accidents and handle emergencies according to a customized risk management program.

2. Training

Training life-saving exercises and effective first aid correctly. First aid includes assessment, treatment, safety, and techniques to minimize complications and save lives.  The participants will learn to give effective
first aid in case of an accident or emergency.

3. Evaluating

Evaluating performance, economic benefits and statistics. We believe analyzing the past can help us in the present and make us better in the future. The participants will become aware of how accidents in the work place affect the company and how they can make changes for the better.

Separate Courses

In case the UTE-program is not suitable for your business, we offer separate courses so your employees can learn CPR, CPR-D and first aid during a single training occasion. The following are the most popular courses, however we can change the training arrengement to suit your needs:

CPR - including CPR for children

This course is the foundation of life saving - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Theory and practical exercises based on recommended content of world leading experts. During some exercises, the participants pratice on each other, while other exercises are performed on full sized CPR manikins.

First Aid Training

During this course, the participants get to learn about injuries that are common on their workplace, for instance bleedings, chemical injuries, or fall injuries, and how to handle such injuries correctly. Moreover, the participants also learn about sicknesses that can be life threataning if not treated in the right manner.

CPR-D (CPR with defibrillator)

During this course, the participants learn how a defibrillator works, and how to use it in combination with CPR. Before taking this course, the participants need to have completed CPR, including CPR for children.