First Aid Kit – Industry

This is a medium sized bag that contains a large variety of first aid products. Hang the bag on the wall with the top handle. The bag can then easily be brought to the injured person to give proper aid. With the content of this bag, you can care for the most acute injuries that can occur in an industry environment.

  • Keeps your first aid products clean and hygienic
  • Gives a good overview over the content
  • Comes prepackaged with carefully selected products made out of high quality materials


1 first aid bag medium
10 pcs wound cleansers
20 pcs textile plasters
1 finger combi bandage
1 combi bandage
1 face shield
4 pcs protective gloves
4 pcs wound closure strips
1 elastic bandage, 10 cm
1 surgical tape
1 clippable textile plaster
4 pcs sterile compresses
1 Burnshield hydrogel
1 eyewash 50 ml
1 pair of scissors
1 tweezer

SKU: 5122


First Aid Kit Industry is adapted for a workplace where the work environment involves numerous risks. The bag contains material for the most common small injuries, as well as more acute diseases and accidents. It includes eye rinse, burn spray and various kinds of dressing materials so you can deal with eye damage, burns and bleeding wounds. In addition, you get a face shield and powerful scissors to cut through work uniforms in case of a cardiac arrest. All content is carefully selected by ambulance nurses and keeps a very high level of quality.

First Aid Kit Industry has a handy size that holds a lot of first aid material. The first aid bag is manufactured in a durable nylon material, and can be completely folded out for a clear overview of the content. The handle on the top of the bag can be used to hang it to the wall so it is easily depicted when needed.