Finger Combi Bandage Box

Effective self-adhesive bandage made from a durable foam material. Can be used as a tourniquet as well as a cover bandage on bleedings, burns, cuts or any other injuries. This bandage comes in two lengths, this is the longer one – perfect if you use a lot!

  • Stays in place even if it gets wet
  • Attaches to itself – no more sore skin!
  • Elastic and durable, yet it is easy to tear off an appropriate piece without using scissors
SKU: 2165


The Finger Combi Bandage is a foam dressing that attaches to itself without getting stuck in wounds, clothing or hair. It is absorbent, elastic, and self-adhesive, which makes it versatile and easy to use as a tourniquet as well as a cover bandage – why it is called a Combi Bandage. The dressing works equally well on all sorts of wounds and surroundings – it works just as effective regardless of if it is hot or cold, or if it is wet or dry.

The Finger Combi Bandage is both smaller and thinner than the Combi bandage, thus it is better suited for small wounds and bleedings on fingers and toes for instance. The Finger Combi Bandage may also be used as a burn dressing because the surface layer is very wound-friendly. The Finger Combi Bandage is also a great alternative to plasters since it stays in place even when the dressing gets wet, and it will also stay in place when you use gloves. You can easily create a pressure pad by rolling one end of the Finger Combi Bandage and then wrapping the other end around the damaged body part.

Last but definitely not least: it does not hurt to remove since it does not attach to the skin!