A burn damage cooling spray that relieves pain and accelerates healing. Spray onto the burn and feel the cooling immediately.

  • Spray nozzle for easy application
  • Can be used on all body parts – even in the eyes
  • Recommended by swedish healthcare
SKU: 3560


Burnshield burn spray is used in order to treat burns, where it provides amazing results when it comes to relieving the pain and increase skin healing. It is used in Swedish ambulances, and is also recommended by Swedish burn clinics. The burn spray can be used both at home and in workplaces where there is a risk of burns, for example in the process industry or at restaurants.

Burnshield is sprayed directly onto the burn for immediate cooling, pain relief and faster healing. The burn spray prevents or significantly limits the spreading of skin blisters, which can usually take weeks to heal. It is also bactericidal, which reduces the risk of infection in case of burns. Burnshield is non-toxic and can be used on both children and adults, all over the body – even in the eyes.