Battery for defibrillator HS1 och FRx

This is a battery for Heartstart HS1 and Heartstart FRx, two defibrillators from Philips. The battery gives the defibrillator power and makes it possible to give electric shocks to a person with cardiac arrest. Defibrillator batteries has a limited durability and needs to be replaced every four years.

  • Works for four years
  • Can be used for four consecutive hours
  • Have the capacity to give 200 electric shocks


SKU: 4007


This battery fits two of Philips defibrillators, Heartstart HS1 and Heartstart FRx. The battery is marked with an “install before” date, meaning the last date to install it in your defibrillator. After installation, the battery will work for four years. Thereafter it needs to be replaced every four years for the defibrillator to work. When using the defibrillator, the battery has enough power for 4 hours or 200 electric shocks.

When it is time to change the battery, the defibrillator will begin to beep. At that point, there is enough capacity left for 11 electric shocks.