About Our Company

First Aid Centre of Sweden is a company based on knowledge. We have been educating people in first aid and CPR for over 28 years. We make sure to bring our well-established knowledge, combined with the essence of Swedish craftsmanship, into everything we do. Click here to visit our Swedish website.

Our competence is based on two key components; academic merits in emergency medical care, and long work experience as advanced nurses who treat life-threatening injuries and diseases daily. We offer tailor made education for all types of industries and we adjust the content to cover the specific risks of your company’s environment - for instance electric shock, crushing injuries or chemical burns. More universal accidents and diseases such as cardiac arrest, diabetes and epilepsy are also covered by our educations. Primarily we work with companies and organizations who seek a quality provider of first aid education for their employees, for instance the Swedish furniture company IKEA. For us, the client is always at the centre. We want to live up to your high expectations – and surpass them!

Our history - First Aid Centre of Sweden

First Aid Centre of Sweden was founded in 1989, and is one of Sweden’s largest companies in the field of first aid training and equipment. Today, we work with many of Sweden’s largest companies and give thousands of people customized first aid training every year. All of our instructors have years of experience from ambulance service, intensive care and emergency care. First Aid Centre of Sweden is also recognized for its broad, high quality assortment of first aid equipment with competitive prices. We offer everything from plaster to complete first aid bags. The range also includes advanced equipment such as defibrillators, chemical treatment and medical monitoring equipment.


Our vision is for all people to get the right help in case of an accident or acute illness. We believe that we can achieve that by providing high quality education and cutting-edge equipment. We aim to increase knowledge regarding first aid and help save lives.


Our mission is to create a safer working environment by providing training in first aid and CPR. With high competence and long experience, we offer sophisticated solutions based on the customer needs, with the industry’s highest quality.